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Explore the World of Observation Hobbies – Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology, People, Planes, and Spacecraft Watching. Fun and Free Pursuits, All About the Joy of Looking.

About the Founder

James Oliver, the founder of this website, who started it in 2024. James is a passionate enthusiast of observation hobbies, and his vision led to the creation of this platform.

He aimed to provide a welcoming space for individuals interested in astronomy, geology, meteorology, people, planes, and spacecraft watching. With a simple yet profound goal in mind, James continues to inspire and connect like-minded individuals, making knowledge accessible to all.

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Our passion

We love writing about rockhounding and stargazing, we uncover the Earth’s hidden gems and the celestial wonders above, sharing our passion through every article. These pursuits not only connect us to the natural world but also fuel our love for writing about these captivating topics for you.

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